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This has been one of the best experiences, EVER! Dr. Bellows and her staff are kind, patient and very knowledgeable. Helping my 87 year old mother-in-law through all stages of grief about her hearing loss to the place where she is now — joyful acceptance — has been amazing. Her hearing aids are custom for her ears and work like an absolute charm. Gone is the apprehension or stigma about needing hearing aids. That has been replaced with an emphatic demand that she wears her hearing aids all day every day so she doesn’t miss a beat. As outcomes go, this was a truly fantastic outcome achieved because of Dr. Bellows, her approach, her authentic kindness and her layers-deep expertise.
Sylvia Baran, on Google
I have been seeing Lisa for over 30 years. Previously, she worked with my former audiologist, then went into business on her own. When I was no longer happy with my former audiologist or another one I found, I sought out Lisa. She has always been a consummate professional with me and is always well-informed on the latest technology. I love learning about new technologies to help my hearing (I am profoundly deaf), but I've never brought up anything she didn't already know about. I've recently been thrilled by my upgrade (after a long 10 years) to a new aid that pushes me from being profoundly deaf to within "normal" hearing ranges! I trust Lisa and her team to take care of me so thoroughly that, even though I relocated to Orange County, I still drive two hours to Palm Desert to see her.
Heather Berk, on Google
The Bellows Hearing Institute has been in business for over 15 years. Dr Bellows and her staff are friendly and professional. I recommend them to anyone in the area.
Vincent Aiello, on Google

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